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About Us


Meet Stone

Stone Shi, the founder of MADICE, discovered that CBD oil was a natural cure for his shoulder pain, which began when he was working on his latest oil cube painting, a process which took 16 hours a day over nearly two months. As a professional artist who has been supporting his family through painting, Stone relies on his arm and shoulder to create. After suffering from worsened shoulder pain, he was no longer able to concentrate on his work and felt depressed and beaten when the pain seemingly paralyzed the right side of his body. Stone sought out many traditional methods such as massage, herbal medicine, and exercise, but nothing helped. When he discovered CBD, he decided to try it out. The first few oils he bought seemed to have no effect at all, however, he kept searching until he found real CBD. After just a couple of weeks of taking CBD oil, Stone’s shoulder pain was almost gone and he was finally able to paint again. After this miraculous recovery, Stone then decided that he wanted to get into the market in order to help people get real CBD that is safe, trustworthy, and effective. MADICE aims to sell the same high quality CBD at a lower price than major brands, all while going though strict regulations in order to ensure a brand you can trust, and a product that you'll love. 

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