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Frequently ASked Questions

Answers to common questions can be found here. If you have a question that isn't here, contact support.

  • What is CBD? Is it legal?
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. CBD has become popularized for its natural therapeutic qualities. Though categorized under the same umbrella as the marijuana plant, CBD only contains trace amounts of THC and will not make you high. The FDA of the United States considers hemp oil (and it’s derivative CBD) to be a dietary supplement (not a medication). If you live in the US, this means you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD and can legally purchase and consume it in any state.
  • Can you overdose on CBD?
    Our hemp plants are grown under strict European directives requiring less than 0.3% THC. This means that THC levels in our CBD are extremely low, and in most cases untraceable. However, advanced drug tests are sometimes able to detect these unavoidable compounds so we recommend that you do not consume hemp or other cannabinoid products if you expect to be drug-tested.
  • Is there an age requirement for CBD products?
    It is recommended that you do not consume CBD unless you are 18 and older. Children under 18 should consult with a medical professional to determine the best method of treatment before taking CBD.
  • Can I travel with CBD?
    Each country has different laws & regulations on traveling with CBD, so make sure to do your research before you leave for your next trip. For extra precaution while you’re travelling, download our COA (Certificate of Analysis), which can be found under each MADICE product. This certificate verifies and confirms that our CBD products contain under 0.03% THC in accordance with federal law.
  • Is MADICE FDA approved?
    Yes. We work with our partner, Neurogan, to make all of our products in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. GMP is a certification awarded by the FDA to manufacturers who are in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards. Without GMP certification, it is difficult for the consumer to know if they're getting a product that has been created in a safe environment with pure ingredients. When you buy our GMP certified CBD, you can trust that the product you're using is safe, pure, and effective.
  • Can MADICE products get you high?
    No. MADICE CBD Oil will not get you high because it does not contain enough THC to do so.
  • Are MADICE products a substitute for my medication?
    No. MADICE products are not meant to replace your medication. Instead, our supplements are meant to support your health and help you heal. Consult with your doctor if you plan to make changes to your medication.
  • Are MADICE products really lab tested?
    All MADICE products undergo three rounds of quality testing at a third-party laboratory at both the batch and product level. To learn more, visit our “Lab Reports & COA” page.
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