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Lab reports & Certificate of analysis

Learn more about our lab reports and third-party lab testing.

Why Third-Party Lab Testing Matters

Think of third-party lab-testing as the biggest thing separating you from a good quality and a bad quality product. Third-party lab testing is the process of a company sending their products to a private laboratory to verify the CBD content and purity (i.e. no chemicals or harmful bacterias). Only third-party lab tested CBD is guaranteed to be pure and trustworthy.

Madice’s Third-Party Lab Testing

We've always taken pride in our stringent third-party lab testing practices. All of our products are sent to Infinite Laboratories, the third-party lab we partner with. The results of these tests are posted in the, "lab results" section of every product on our site for your convenience.

The MUSTS of a CBD Lab Report

  • How much CBD is in the product.

    • Though the label on your CBD product says there is a certain amount of MG's of CBD in your product, there might not be as much as advertised. A third-party lab test is the perfect place to verify the actual CBD content. 

  • How much THC is in the product.

    • The hemp plant naturally contains a small amount of THC, but nowhere near enough to create a ‘high’ feeling. It's important to verify on the lab results that the THC amount is at or below 0.3%, the legal limit of THC in hemp products.

  • Details on the cannabinoid profile.

    • A cannabinoid profile gives you more details on what's in the product to confirm the type of extract you're purchasing. If you're purchasing a product that is full-spectrum, you can expect to see a cannabinoid profile that shows more than just CBD, including: CBDa, CBG, THC and more. However, if you're purchasing an Isolate product, CBD should be the only cannabinoid within this profile.

Download lab reports for your product

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